Combining efficiency, agility and stability

Pure performance

The Renault Mégane R.S. brings all Renault Sport's experience of motorsports technologies to a production sports car. The onboard equipment is best-in-class and offers a set of new driving aids to cope with any road under any conditions.



R.S. Drive on the Megane R.S. lets you select your driving style from Normal, Sport and Race modes. With each one, you will feel the difference in the gearbox mapping, ESP behaviour, steering and sensitivity of the accelerator pedal. Steering wheel paddles with the optional EDC gearbox make gear changes ultra-fast. And Launch Control – with left foot on the brake, right foot on the accelerator –releases a surge of adrenaline as you come off the brake for a Grand Prix-style start.


Borrowed from the demanding world of rallying, hydraulic compression stops on the Mégane R.S. are added to each shock absorber to dampen the bump before they reach full compression. This avoids any rebound and pendulum effects, helping to keep each tyre in contact with the ground to produce notable improvement, whatever the road throws at you. The Torsen® limited slip differential on the Cup chassis also smooths out power delivery to the wheels under extreme conditions, improving acceleration, cornering speed and braking.


Renault’s 4CONTROL system has always made a real difference to cornering control, but our engineers have customised it even more for the Mégane R.S. By turning the rear wheels in sync with the demands from the front end, the car feels glued to the road. At low speeds, the 4CONTROL system delivers outstanding agility in tight turns, great for parking or tight mountain bends. At higher speeds, it makes for impressive stability when changing lanes or cornering at speed.


With a choice of Sport or Cup chassis, and six-speed manual gearbox or EDC with steering wheel paddles, you have four versions of the Mégane R.S. to choose from. The Sport chassis is the ultimate balance between road comfort and sporty performance, while Renault’s famous Cup chassis offers the stiffer suspension of a dedicated track machine.

Technical Specificities

  • 280 ch Power
  • 390 Nm Torque
  • 5,8 s 0-100 km/h

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Technical specifications


Version R.S. 280 EDC R.S. 280 BVM
Fiscal rating 17 17
Fuel Gas (SP95E10 / SP98) Gas (SP95E10 / SP98)


Engine type Multipoint Multipoint
Capacity (cm3) 1798 1798
Number of cylinders / valves 16 16
Peak power kW CEE (ch) at max power rating (rpm) 280ch at 6000tr/min 280ch at 6000tr/min
Max. torque Nm CEE (m/kg) at power rating (rpm) 420Nm from 2400tr/min to 4800tr/min 390Nm from 2400tr/min to 4800tr/min


Gearbox type EDC Manual
Numbers of gears 6 6


Top speed (kph) 250 255
1 000 m standing start (s) 25 25
Acceleration 0-100 km/h (s) 5,8 5,8


Rims / Approval J18/19 J18/19
Standard tyres size 235/40 R18 235/40 R18
245/35 R19 245/35 R19
Steering wheels 4 4


Kerb weight without options 1430 1407

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