Renault Sport Formula One Team completed the third day of pre-season testing at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya with the team’s drivers and car remaining resolutely inside due to the inclement conditions.

Snow begot sleet begot rain, with temperatures remaining constantly cold. Across the day, only a handful of exploratory laps were completed by six of the teams present, with only McLaren completing a timed lap.

Fast Facts:
Track: Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Spain, 4.7km.
Chassis: R.S.18 - 01.
Weather: Snow to sleet to rain. Ambient 0°C - 4°C Track 0°C - 5°C.
Programme: Weather watching, keeping warm.
Laps Completed: 0.
Classification: N/A.
Interruptions: Snow, sleet, rain.

What’s Next?
The fourth and final day of the first test is expected to be greeted by further mixed conditions. Driver line-up to be determined in due course.

Nico Hülkenberg:
“Today was about keeping warm and hanging out with the team as there was no point going out on track. It was a bit frustrating but clearly not the end of the world. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.”

Carlos Sainz:
“It’s always a pleasure to spend some time with the team and my engineers, but if you’re at a track and you’ve got your car sat in the garage, you really want to get out on track. Obviously, conditions meant it didn’t make sense for us to do any laps today so we’re hoping for better tomorrow. At least we know that we have completed some mileage this week and everyone is in the same boat. Next week promises much better.”

Nick Chester, Technical Director:
“The snow, rain and cold conditions kept up off the track today, so it was a methodical day in the garage checking over the R.S.18 with a fine tooth comb after its time on track over the past two days. Tomorrow the weather looks like it will be slightly better so we’ll see what we can do.”