Clio R3T Trophy
Clio R3T Trophy
Clio R3T Trophy

After an opening season full of promise – the outcome of which has yet to be decided – the Clio R3T Trophy will continue next year, with the 2016 season. In order to get even closer to the needs of its customers, Renault Sport Technologies has made a few adjustments from a sporting and regulatory point of view. Details of the changes were unveiled alongside the Rallye de France – Tour de Corse, which is part of the calendar for both the ‘France’ area and the ‘International’ category of the 2015 Clio R3T European Trophy.

Following the successful competitive launch of Renault Clio R3T, Renault Sport Technologies decided to set up the Clio R3T European Trophy in 2015. Whilst the drivers and teams continue to fight for a place in the finale at the 2016 Rallye Monte-Carlo in order to have a chance to win a drive in next year’s WRC 3, Renault Sport Technologies unveiled a series of measures designed to confirm the success of the Clio R3T Trophy in 2016.

Renault Sport decided its priority was to simplify the sporting organisation, in order to enable more competitors to register in the competition.

Several national trophies will therefore be contested in the 2016 season. In France, the Clio R3T Trophy will be held as part of the French Rally Championship. Renault Sport Technologies has therefore reasserted its determination to see its competitors take part in the most prestigious events.
The International category will disappear, in order to promote competitiveness in the national trophies.

The Clio R3T Trophy technical regulations will be geared towards limiting costs, enabling crews to take part whilst controlling their spending. Each trophy will have a six-race calendar, including one joker event.

Prize money is set to be significantly increased. And a larger share of the considerably bigger total will reward the best crews.

The final prize of the Clio R3T Trophy has also been revised. The winners of the national trophies will no longer qualify for a joint final, but will instead be rewarded with an official Renault Sport entry to the 2017 Rallye Monte-Carlo in a Clio R3T.

“After an initial experience in 2015, it was necessary to make a few adjustments to the Clio R3T Trophy,” specified Jean-Pascal Dauce, Renault Sport Technologies’ Director of Motorsport. “We would like to thank all of the teams that have put their faith in us this season. We want to get closer to meeting their expectations. By adopting the measures that we have just set out, we hope to see even more drivers compete in each of the national trophies. In this respect, our return to the French Rally Championship for the France Trophy marks an important stage in our determination to provide the best possible sporting environment for our customers, whilst keeping costs down. We are looking forward to an intense end to the 2015 season and we hope 2016 will be more competitive still, with even higher standards.”

Further information on the 2016 Clio R3T Trophy will be released during the off-season.