Olivier Courtois set to follow in his father’s Monte-Carlo tyre tracks

In taking second place in the 2015 Clio R3T European Trophy ALPS, Olivier Courtois booked his place in the final of the continental competition organised by Renault Sport, to be held on 18-24 January at the Rallye Monte-Carlo.

How did the 2015 Clio R3T European Trophy ALPS season go for you?
“There was a fantastic atmosphere. I had the support of my co-driver Hubert Risser, who joined me at the start of the year, and we struck up a perfect understanding. We fought it out all season long with Michael Burri and Jean-Pierre Gatti and we had the complete backing of my team Courtois Sport along the way.”

The Rallye Monte-Carlo is coming up in January. What are you hoping to achieve at the event?
“I hope to enjoy it to the full. As long as I have fun, then the result will be a good one because it’ll mean that I’ve made the finish line. I’m preparing as best I can with my team. I don’t know the terrain and there’s a whole new set-up I’ll need to get to grips with.”

What does the Rallye Monte-Carlo mean to you?
“It’s a big occasion for my team. I’ll be taking part in the rally 60 years after my father, who drove a Renault 4CV in the 1956 event.”