Picture Perfect : Australian Grand Prix

The Albert Park circuit is quite unique in F1. For 360 days a year it is a quiet, leafy space used by golfers, joggers and boaters. However for the other 5 days it is home to the speed and drama of the Australian Grand Prix.

This image is taken from a tower high above turn 9 which cuts through part of the golf course. It gives us an elevated view over the Albert Park lake, and if you time it right, the sunlight glistens and shines off the water.

By setting a dark exposure this technique creates the backlit effect you see here.

I picked up the RS17 in my viewfinder long before he passed this spot and by then panning smoothly as he accelerates out of turn 9 I have managed to keep sharpness in the car whilst the background is made up of shimmering highlights.

Canon 1DX, 200mm lens, 1/30th sec @ f32
James Moy, 24th March 2017 Albert Park, Melbourne.