With its revolutionary styling and design, the R.S. Vision system fitted on Clio R.S. combines four lighting functions offering outstanding performance.

With its sporty chequered-flag design, R.S. Vision is immediately recognisable. Previewed exclusively on Clio R.S.16, this additional lighting system is now available on all the Clio R.S.

In addition to the design – which represented an extra constraint – the Renault Sport engineers managed to incorporate an additional headlight, a side light, a fog light and an additional cornering light all in the same unit.

"Combining these four functions within the same system is a world first," emphasized François Grosdidier, Lighting Manager at Renault Sport. "The performances are exceptional, with a range of 460 metres compared with 200 metres without the module. And the additional cornering light works even on hairpins thanks to the use of a reflector, separate from the fog light."

For technical enthusiasts, R.S. Vision operates with nine LEDs: five ambient lights for the side lights and four high-power lights for the other functions. The entire system only uses 18 watts, equivalent to half that of a conventional fog light.

For night-time driving, the range and volume of the R.S. Vision light assembly proves to be substantially better than even the best in Xenon lighting, offering motorists even greater comfort and safety!