Victory the target for Michael Burri

Thanks to his three wins, including a vital end-of-season victory in the Rallye du Valais, Michael Burri was crowned Clio R3T European Trophy ALPS champion. The Swiss will shortly be lining up at the Rallye Monte-Carlo for the Clio R3T European Trophy final, with his sights firmly set on claiming the win and landing the WRC3 drive that comes with it.

How would you rate your 2015 season?
“The Clio R3T European Trophy ALPS went just as we’d planned it. The atmosphere among the drivers was fantastic and I had a lot of fun. Aside from the problems I had in finding pace at the Mont-Blanc, it was pretty convincing season overall.”

There will be two Clio R3T European Trophy ALPS drivers on the start line at the Rallye Monte-Carlo. How are you approaching the final?
“It’s going to be a long and difficult rally. You can never underestimate the Monte-Carlo. There are points available in every special, which means you have to hit the ground running.”

How are you preparing for the race?
“You need to be physically ready and do plenty of cardio work. My father has driven the event twice and I’ve been watching his videos so I can learn the route.”


What are your objectives for the race?
“My objective is to win it! I’m not going to the Monte-Carlo for the sightseeing. We’re going to do all we can to win.”

What does the Rallye Monte-Carlo mean to you?
“I had the chance to take part in the event twice before but we drove in the Ardèche instead. It has all the ingredients that make it the best rally in the world: the atmosphere, the route, the fans and the competition. I get stars in my eyes just thinking that I’m going to have the honour of being on the start line.”