You have undoubtedly already come across them, either on narrow, winding roads or at a race track. United like the five fingers of a hand, the members of the Mégane R.S. gang have finally been unmasked…

It all started fifteen years ago, when Mégane II R.S. burst onto the scene. Proclaiming a new world order in sports cars, "The Prophet" stood out even back then with its choice of technologies, such as its independent steering-axis front suspension.

Inspired by the world titles won by Renault in Formula 1, the wizards at Renault Sport created a second member of the band with improved performance: the R26.R, quickly known as "Mad Meg" due to its radical features. 123kg lighter and equipped with a limited slip differential, its main exploit was to break the lap record for a production car on the Nürburgring’s Nordschleife circuit.

It was then time to pass the baton onto a new generation. With ever more aggressive styling, a 250hp engine and the new on-board telemetry system R.S. Monitor, Mégane III R.S. – alias "Petrol Head" – delivered a thrilling new in-car experience for sports driving enthusiasts.

Quick as a snake thanks to a dramatic reduction in weight and a powerful 275hp engine, the Trophy-R was given a mission: go back to the Nordschleife to reclaim the lap record, which had been snatched by an obscure Japanese commando. With a time of under eight minutes, "Snake Eyes" successfully completed its mission in style…

The gang is now moving to another level, as another member joins its ranks: "Baby Boss". Designed to deliver performance and boasting a new 280hp engine and the 4Control four-wheel steering system, New Mégane R.S. is set to become the new leader of the gang. Give me five!